About KOUSH Group

Kush Group is a company licensed for freight transport and transportation services in Bulgaria, the European Union and Turkey. The company has extensive experience in the international transport market, mainly oriented towards transportation with large compositions – mega trailers.

The presence of our own fleet of 34 trucks allows us to perform our commitments in time. We own 18 mega trailers with volume 101 cubic meters, carrying capacity 22 tons and height up to 3 meters,  1 car up to 3.5 tonnes, as well as 2 pieces of emergency supplies up to 1.5 tonnes. 29 of the cars have EURO 5 certificate, and the rest - EURO 3.
All cars are equipped with mobile connection, GPS and GPRS tracking systems and an ability to provide a password to a client for online monitoring during the cargo transportation.

We work with a team of highly qualified specialists, drivers employed in the company possess high qualifications and experience in the field of transport.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with transportation services of the highest quality. Over the years we have built an impeccable reputation and we have proved that our name is synonymous with professionalism and propriety.

Awards and certificates